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  • Preacher references will not be included on this page due to security and privacy concerns. Churches should contact a preacher directly for that information.
  • When a church to work with has been secured, please send me an e-mail message letting me know so that your listing can be promptly removed.
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Mike Hughes
  • I am Mike Hughes I have been married to my only wife for nearly 41 years. We have two daughters Stacy 37 living in Sandwich, IL and Valerie 33 living in Demotte, IN. I have been preaching both full and part time since I was 14. I am now 62 years old. We have been working with the church in Manteno, Illinois now for the past 3 and 1/2 years. The church has decreased in numerical size since we moved here. One family of 4 left and went to another congregation locally and recently a dear sister passed away from cancer. The church has had to cease paying me a weekly salary of $100.00 to stay a float. Our current attendance here is 8. We find ourselves in a disparate situation needing to make a move very soon. Over the past year and 1/2 we have lost $2000 a month in outside support with another congregation who sends us $500 a month saying that support will stop at the end of the year. If you are not in a position of needing a preacher do you know of any congregation looking for a preacher? I can provide you with a link to my DropBox shared folder where you will find a couple of my sermons, a Resume and References for you use. You can contact me for the link at macmikeal@mac.com or call 815-546-1867. Any help in finding a place to relocate is very much appreciated. We will consider any location. Would prefer full support but would entertain any offers. Also could use some support aid as we are currently behind on a lot of our bills due to support lost.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 475, Manteno, IL 60950
E-Mail Address:   mail@mikealrhughes.com
Cell Phone: (815) 546-1867
Date Submitted: June 20, 2014
Date Renewed: July 22, 2014
Date Renewed: February 12, 2015

Phillip Bost
  • I am a long time member of the church of Christ, baptized into Christ in 1972, have been preaching the gospel since 1994, currently looking to preach full-time, would consider relocating, would love to be out West, Arizona, Nevada, etc. Have lots of referals and experience, my age is 57 and I am married. My wife's name is Rita, have resumes ready to send.
Mailing Address:  Phillip Bost, 1275 Rambling Road, Ypsilanti, MI  48198
E-Mail Address: phillipbost@yahoo.com
Home Phone: (734) 829-0071
Date Submitted: February 16, 2015​

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