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Information Form
Alan Siedenstrang
Comments: I am 33 years old and happily married for almost 7 years to my wife, Melanie (Steinly). We have a 4 year old daughter, Annabelle, and another baby on the way this summer. My wife and I both work from home and are online ESL teachers for companies that work with students in China. I also have served as a deacon at the Pleasant Plains COC in Jackson, TN for the past 3 years and have helped organize the teaching program and curriculum for the congregation. I have many years of teaching experience both professionally (several years as a middle/high school teacher) as well as over 15 years of experience teaching Bible classes of all ages both here in Jackson and where I grew up in Temple Terrace, FL. I have filled in a couple of times in the pulpit and am trying to find other opportunities to preach in a temporary role or as a fill-in. I am a very experienced song leader and have lead several classes and workshops for song leaders, new song training, improving our worship, music and singing skills, and the topic of musical instruments in worship. I also have a great deal of experience and expertise in Old Testament History, the Law of Moses, and the Psalms. Again, I am just looking for opportunities to preach or lead a class or workshop as a fill-in or on a short term basis. We live in Jackson, TN but also have relatives in Louisville, KY so any congregations within 3-4 hours of these locations would be easily reached. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing ways we can spread the gospel and encourage each other through the teaching and preaching of God's Word. Thank you!
E-Mail: alansiedenstrang@gmail.com
Cell: (813) 389-3357
Mailing Address: Alan Siedenstrang, 8 Hannah Drive, Jackson, TN   38305
Date Submitted: January 15, 2020
Date Renewed: May 11, 2020

Benjamin Estes
Comments: I'm looking for a Conservative Bible only Congregation who Appreciates my Abilities as an Orator of the Written Word. I'm Engaged to be married and she will join me after I'm appointed somewhere.
E-Mail:  iron264@yahoo.com
Cell:  (731) 435-4740
Mailing Address:  Benjamin Estes, 531A Mifflin Ave., Henderson, TN   38340
Date Submitted:  April 8, 2020
Date Renewed: August 20, 2020

This page was last updated: August 20, 2020
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Richie Thetford
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