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Information Form
Frank (Bo) Couchman
Comments: I am minister of the River City church in Columbus, GA. I have worked alongside Bro. Jeff McCrary for the last six years in establishing this work and helping it to grow to about 40 members today. We work together sharing the preaching and teaching duties. Prior to moving to Columbus in 2015, I worked with the Argo Park church in Trussville, AL, for 10 months as the minister. This was a part-time work -- I was continuing to work a secular job at the time. I handled all preaching duties and taught the adult classes on Sundays and Wednesdays. I am not a professional preacher. Prior to working with the Argo Park church, I worked in the IT industry as a technical/marketing writer for various companies including Lockheed Martin, Sungard, and Teksouth. I "retired" from this profession after 30 years in the industry when Bro. McCrary and I (lifelong friends) decided to come to Columbus together to re-establish a faithful congregation. Though not a "located preacher" most of my life, I have preached countless times as a fill-in, volunteer, etc., everywhere I have ever worshipped, and have taught classes from 3 years through adults at every location. My wife and family have been members of various congregations including Smoky Hill (Aurora, CO); East Columbus (MS); Cahaba Heights (Birmingham); and North Gardendale (AL). I also served as an elder at the North Gardendale church from 2007-2014. My wife, Teresa, has also been heavily involved in teaching children everywhere we have been members. She has, at various times, taught classes and guided children's curriculums at multiple congregations. We are both in our early 60s and in good health. All of our children (three) are grown and married, and we have five grandchildren (and another on the way). We also both have living mothers, one in Birmingham, the other in Tupelo (MS). When I came to Columbus, I committed to 3-5 years. After 5 years the work was going well, and after discussions with Bro. McCrary, we decided to commit to 2 more years (through 2021). My support comes from 10 different congregations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Virginia. We are just beginning our 7th year, and this will be a transition year. Bro. McCrary will be staying in Columbus to work with the River City congregation. Our ages, our children's homes (Birmingham, Nashville, Worcester, MA), and our mother's ages (both in their 90s) make it prudent for us not to look to stray too far from them. I will entertain and pursue any work, but generally would probably like to stay between Birmingham and Louisville (north/south), and between I-65 and I-75 (east/west), give or take an hours drive. Congregation size is largely irrelevant... large or small, doesn't matter. Elders/no elders is not a show-stopper, though any preacher would prefer to have shepherds, I suppose. Full support is not essential -- I don't mind having to raise part of my support if necessary. My wife and I are happy to visit, and I am glad to preach, teach a class, spend a few days with any congregation that has an interest in talking to me.
EMail: botider5659@gmail.com
Cell: (205) 706-6139
Mailing Address: Frank Couchman, 3809 Chris Drive, Columbus, GA  31909
Date Submitted: January 19, 2021
Date Renewed: June 11, 2021

This page was last updated: June 15, 2021
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Richie Thetford
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